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Client Testimonials 

Armen, I have to tell you that you are a lifesaver – truly! I thank God every day that my parents are still around. Thanks to you, my dad has the care he needs.
Chris Fontana - Branford, CT

We want to thank you again for the positive experience we had with you as our LTC insurance agent.  You are a rarity.  We want you to know how greatly your clients benefit from your immense knowledge, expertise, sensitivity, meticulous attention to detail, thoroughness, integrity, and deep kindness.  We feel blessed to have you as our insurance agent, Armen.

Drs. Susan L. Cole and David S. Cole - New Haven, CT

Armen, you treated us with respect and gave us the space to come to our own conclusions in purchasing this very important financial product. In today’s fast paced world, with so many high pressure and dishonest sales tactics, you truly are different. We are happy to highly recommend you to any of our friends and acquaintances.

Joseph and Linda Scarpace - Guilford, CT

Armen, Claire and I had been married for fifty-seven (57) years when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The long-term care insurance policy helped with the financial burden (paying out $150,000) but, more importantly, it helped with the quality of care she received. I am so pleased that we met you and decided to purchase this very valuable product. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

William Jacobs - Orange, CT

Armen, you are very knowledgeable and honest which is a rare set of qualities these days. Gloria and I have grown to consider you a friend of the family, and we know that you always have our best interest at heart.

Frank and Gloria Palumbo - Branford, CT

Unfortunately my wife is in a facility and requires full time care.  If it were not for Armen convincing me that we should have a long term care policy, which we bought several years ago, perhaps I would not be able to care for her as I would wish.  The message here is that we never know what turns life has for us.  This policy has taken most of the burden from me financially.

Jerry Sachs - Branford, CT

Mr. Abrahamian’s patient and efficient manner combined with his gentlemanly nature proved a most knowledgeable source of very vital information for me.
Katherine Markey - Woodbridge, CT


Armen, you took time to answer and explain all the questions we had, and you were very informative, helpful, and patient. It was a real pleasure doing business with you.
Joan G. - Orange, CT

Armen, after spending a significant amount of time with me to determine my background and needs, you alerted me to an existing medical condition that I had not taken into consideration. As I investigated the situation from my end and you did the same from your end, we talked again as you promised we would. During our conversation, you advised me that I would be better off with a plan currently being offered by my employer (which I had not paid much attention to) than anything you could offer. Needless to say, I was surprised at your recommendation. The point of this letter is to put in writing my appreciation for your honesty and integrity in your business dealings with me. Clearly, it would have been to your benefit to apply “spin” and promote a policy from your resources. This spoke volumes to me about your ethics and overall attitude toward your clients. It certainly has been my pleasure to work with someone who values ethics and honesty in their work. I realize I can do little but to say, “thank you,” and recommend you to others when the opportunity arises. The latter I will do with enthusiasm!

Edward A. Thompson - Hamden, CT

Armen, I am a 35 year old male, and I am a firm believer in Long Term Healthcare.  My grandmother had the foresight to purchase Long Term Healthcare Insurance, which took care of her for many years as she suffered with Parkinson’s disease.  She had exceptional care in her last days and was able to keep her assets that she would later pass to her children and grandchildren. Long Term Healthcare was just another example of how she wanted to pass her love and legacy on to us. I can only imagine that Long-term Healthcare would be the obvious choice for me and my family in the years to come.
Micah Smith, Woodbridge, CT

Armen, you spent a considerable amount of time with me in person as well as over-the telephone explaining and clarifying contractual provisions. I am impressed with your knowledge as well as your integrity.
Ken W. - Cheshire, CT