Long-Term Care Insurance for Executives


As you are meeting with your corporate clients to review and prepare for tax time, this seems to be the perfect opportunity to make you aware of one very advantageous way to reduce tax liability while protecting your clients from a potentially financial debilitating event.


As stated in the National Underwriter (publication dated 8/2/2004 – Vol. 108, No. 29):

“Corporate-paid Long Term Care insurance (LTC) executive benefit plans have more potential value than most people can imagine.


In a properly designed LTC insurance benefit plan, premium is fully deductible to the employer while premium value and future benefits are not taxable to the executive. The executive is owner and beneficiary of the policy.


The LTC insurance plan covering an executive and spouse creates a lifetime potential multimillion-dollar tax-free wealth preservation value.


Windows of opportunity have a way of disappearing. Executives retire, become uninsurable or otherwise lose access to benefits. Government tax policies also change.


This makes today’s options potentially unavailable in the future.”