Plain Talk about Long-Term Care Planning:

A Timely Word for People with Stock Market Investments


“Life goes on…and so do you”.


If you could…would you have insured yourself against losing money invested in stocks? Like investment market risk, losing your retirement savings to the high cost of long-term care is a real risk anyone living a long life faces.


The difference is that you can prevent the latter with early planning. It’s not hard to start…getting information is the intelligent first step. Long-term care insurance isn’t for everyone…and here are important facts for you to consider:


  • You have to “health qualify” for long-term care protection and it gets harder as we get older. Even those with existing health issues may qualify, but you should find out now before things change.

  • Each company sets their own rates and the difference from one to another can be quite significant.*  That’s why is really pays to work with a knowledgeable professional who can help you find the best protection for the lowest price.

If you don’t act, you are accepting your default plan that’s already in place.  You will have to spend your own savings and depend upon family and friends. Planning ahead always pays.


* In addition, premiums are based on your age when you apply.


One of the main benefits of planning is preparing against a future catastrophic event. It’s smart to start.