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Protect yourself and your clients by working with a long term care specialist

For Professionals

As a professional advisor, you play a crucial role in helping your clients and their families plan for a sound financial future. Today, most professionals have come to understand the significance of long term care planning and its impact on a family’s emotional and financial well-being. However, it is natural to feel uncomfortable discussing this subject if you do not fully understand how long term care planning works. In addition, you may not want to risk your credibility by providing inaccurate advice or recommendations.


You also need to be aware of the professional liability and risks associated with failing to address the subject of long term care planning altogether.


Protect yourself and your clients by working with a long term care specialist:


  • We take your referrals very seriously and realize your reputation is at stake. We understand they are your clients, and we will work hard to reinforce your relationship with them.

  • Educating and informing your clients of their rights and options is paramount. We will never pressure them. We will match your client’s goals, health, finances, and family circumstances with the right carrier, policy, and plan design.

  • We are available for individual appointments, group educational meetings, or “specific topic related” seminars for your clients.