Estate & Financial Planning


As an estate planning professional, it is important to understand the role long term care insurance can play in preserving your clients’ estate.


Assets that have been allocated to provide retirement income can be protected by long term care insurance. If long term care is needed, your clients don’t have to worry about depleting their investment principal.  This will protect the lifestyle of the surviving spouse and/or children.


Long term care insurance gives your retired clients permission to enjoy their retirement. This purchase will eliminate the need for them to set aside a significant portion of their estate in the event they need long term care.  Instead, they can spend their money as they desire.  Additionally, your clients can allocate and transfer assets according to their wishes, without the threat of a rapid depletion.


Without insurance:

  • The entire estate could be “spent down” on care costs and your client could end up on Medicaid.

  • The State, through the Estate Recovery Laws, could lay claim to any remaining assets.

  • You may be sued for negligence for not advising your client of these rules.

Consequently, it is in your clients’ best interest, as well as yours, to discuss the financial impact that a long term care illness could have on them, their loved ones, and their hard earned assets.


Many professional advisors have called upon us as a trusted resource for our expertise.  You have a real opportunity to help your clients incorporate long term care insurance protection into their retirement planning.